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Why MyHotTub was created to solve a problem in the hot tub industry. In the past, people looking to buy a spa would find a hot tub dealer to buy from. These dealers would be in contact with manufacturers and receive multiple spa brands to sell or sometimes just one brand. Dealers then added a markup to their hot tubs to make their money back and sell to the public. This resulted in spas being sold to customers at extreme prices. We wanted to cut out that middle man and provide high quality hot tubs at affordable prices. We wanted to provide hot tubs directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. is the first hot tub manufacturer to sell their spas to customers directly online. We create resin and acrylic spas in multiple models for you to choose from. We offer a nearly 100% online hot tub experience. You can shop for all our models online and filter by the material used, color, lounger or non-lounger. You can then pick a spa model you like and the options available to customize your spa. You can then pay online and your order is in. We build it and ship it to your home for curbside delivery. You can now buy a spa from the comfort of your own home now.

It sounds a little risky spending thousands online. That's why we offer a 30 day 100% return. If you don't love your spa, you can return it and get your entire purchase price back. If you're the type of shopper that wants to see the product in person, don't worry. Currently, we have two store locations, both in New York. You can stop into either store and see all our available models and get the same incredible service and financing options.

All of our spas are made in our Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania factory. We have a dedicated Customer Service and Technical Support team ready to assist with any questions, comments, or concerns you might have. We have hundreds of satisfied customers we have served.


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    Hot Tub Consultants that Know What They Are Doing and Guide You to Find the Best Hot Tub for You.
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    Easy to Install Hot Tubs, Experienced Service Technicians that Can Help You Set It Up
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    Need a New Filter? Great Accessories? Or a Part? We Are ALWAYS Here for You!

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